Contribute Information to the Site

On this website, I am trying to connect all the Grivel families worldwide together. I would love to get the full genealogical information about everyone named Grivel and their immediate family. Eventually, I would hope it will be possible to identify a small number of “original” Grivel families from where all the Grivels in the world are descendants.

This collection of genealogical information also helps others who are researching Grivel families to connect to the available information, learn about their family history and expand their own family trees.

What information?

The basic information that is important to genealogists to connect individuals into a family tree is:

Information about who?

This website is about the Grivel family name. For this website, I collect the information above for everyone with the surname Grivel and their immediate relatives (fathers, mothers, husbands, wifes, and children).


For example, for my own family, you will find detailed information about:

Note that I include records with all the details about my wife and my mother, since they are directly related to a Grivel, but only the names of my wife’s and mother’s parents, since they are only indirectly related to a Grivel.

What if I don’t know all that information?

Most people will know all the details about themselves and maybe their parents and children, but often not about more distantly related family members. Any information you can provide, however vague, can help! Please don’t hesitate to send me what you know about members of the Grivel families!

What about privacy?

I do not publish all the information I receive. For living people, I typically publish only their names and relationships on the Internet, and keep the dates and places of birth etc. hidden. I do record all of this information in my database, so it is available to make “connections”.

I understand that not everyone feels comfortable sending personal information about themselves and their family to a stranger. Of course, I fully respect this. However, I hope you would feel confident to share at least the name and year and place of birth for the Grivels in your family, as this basic information will allow future researchers to “connect the dots” and connect different individuals and families together.


Originally, I had my email address listed to contact me directly. Unfortunately, this ended up in the hands of spammers and I started receiving thousands of spam emails a day. So I had to resort to a form-based feedback mechanism.

Every one of the person records on this site has a “Send email” link that sends a secure email to me, automatically connected to the individual you are sending email about. If you have additional information about anyone already on this site, please use those links.

If you want to contribute more information, please use this link to contact me.