Grivel Community

It has been said before that the Grivel name is a relatively rare surname. It can be very exciting to find others around the world who share the same name, are related to a Grivel, or are just interested in the name. On this page, I want to make it easier for all these people to get in touch with eachother.

Unfortunately, to reduce spam, email addresses had to be removed from this website. Please use the link provided to contact the administrator if you want to get in touch with any of these people.

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Name Email Lang. Comments
Karen Cobeen send EN+++ Karen’s mother is a Grivel.
Marc Dubrulle send FR+++, EN++ I am 36 years old, and I work in an European laboratory on research.
Eric Grivel send EN+++, NL+++, DE++, FR+ Web master of this site; I want to learn all I can about the Grivel name and people with this name.
Eric Grivel send EN, FR I’m 27 and living in Bordeaux, France.
Etienne Grivel send FR+++, DE+++, EN+(+) I’m living in France exactly in Alsace on the German frontier. My family is staying in this area that more 100 years but the origin is Aosta on the begining of 1800 but I have not exactly information.
Jean-Charles Grivel send   I am presently living in Denmark, but was born in Switzerland. I moved over here for professional reasons.
Sandra Grivel Papineau send EN My Grivel family came to the US from the Aosta region of northern Italy to settle in southeastern Nebraska. Originating in the village of Aymavilles, Aosta, Italy, branches also immigrated to France.
Serge Grivel send FR+++, EN++ J’ai 32 ans et vis en Suisse. Tous mes ancêtres viennent du même endroit: St-Livres dans le canton de Vaud.
Theo Grivel send NL+++, EN++, DE+, FR+  
Tammy Maine     (Contact webmaster for email.)
Barb Schultz send    
Humberto Diaz Grivel send ES+++, EN++ Anyone who wants to contact me

Note: The following language abbreviations are used: